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VanEck has a history of looking beyond the financial markets to identify trends that are likely to create impactful investment opportunities. We were one of the first U.S. asset managers to offer investors access to international markets. This set the tone for the firm’s drive to identify asset classes and trends – including gold investing in 1968, emerging markets in 1993, and Exchange Traded Funds in 2006 - that subsequently shaped the investment management industry.

Coinbase Listing Signals Digital Assets Maturity

May 01, 2021

Just over a decade ago, digital assets were a theoretical concept, announced to the world through an anonymous white paper. Today, Coinbase, a digital asset exchange, is trading on the Nasdaq exchange. Coinbase’s recent direct listing represents a watershed moment for the digital assets industry. Learn more about what Coinbase’s listing means for the growth of the digital assets ecosystem.

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Investment Outlook: China First to Face Wave of Uncertainty

March 20, 2020

We are monitoring two separate coronavirus scenarios, one in China and on in the U.S., in terms of when the health impact peaks and the extent of the economic slowdown. Against this backdrop, we highlight several actionable ideas.

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Our Active Emerging Markets Solution vs. Passive Investing

March 01, 2020

In this white paper, we reflect on the relative role, advantages and disadvantages of active vs. passive investing in emerging markets.

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