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In 1950, Value Line started its first mutual fund. Since then, knowledgeable investors have been relying on the Value Line Funds to help them build their financial future. Over the years, Value Line Funds have evolved into what we are today — a diversified family of no-load mutual funds with a wide range of investment objectives.

Uniquely positioned among our mutual fund industry competitors, the Value Line family of funds utilize Value Line’s proprietary research, enabling our portfolio managers access to the famed Value Line Ranking System as part of their portfolio stock selection and asset allocation process.

Growth Investing in Times of Market Volatility

March 24, 2016

With the frequency of market corrections increasing throughout 2015 and 2016, many investors may be dismayed by the volatile nature of high-flying growth stocks. While, by definition, growth stocks have faster earnings growth and, therefore, higher valuations, certain growth companies can offer less price volatility and smoother returns over time, resulting in a more consistent pattern of growth. Historically, many of these steady growth stocks have outperformed peers over the long term. In a more volatile market, we believe investors benefit by further refining the degree of volatility

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