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STRATA Trust Company was founded in 2008 as a wholly owned subsidiary of Horizon Bank, SSB. Based in Texas and formerly known as Self Directed IRA Services, Inc., STRATA has strategically realigned to support a broad range of investment professional partners in growing their SDIRA assets. We take pride in empowering investors to reach their retirement goals by providing custody of alternative investment IRAs as well as traditional assets.

The Secure Act – The gift that keeps on giving

March 02, 2020

The Secure Act provides financial advisors multiple opportunities throughout the coming year and beyond to engage in meaningful interactions with their clients and industry contacts regarding the impact of the new rules, and potentially create new relationships with prospects. This whitepaper will help you take advantage of the gift that will keep on giving and learn more about how you can grow your business by leveraging the benefits of The Secure Act.

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Building Your Business with IRA Rollovers

September 01, 2019

Uncover new opportunities to expand your practice and help your clients navigate the do’s and don’ts of IRA rollovers in retirement planning.

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Rolling Over Your Retirement Savings

February 01, 2019

Have clients that need help with an IRA rollover decision? This white paper is an investor-friendly look at all the options and considerations for retirement account rollovers. It’s a tool for advisors to help educate their clients on opportunities to explore, including self-directed investment choices, as well as mistakes to avoid.

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