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Plotinus Asset Management engages qualified investors with financial approaches that exploit artificial intelligence. Our roots can be traced to the development of ‘trading signals’ as an asset-allocation overlay. We have evolved into a regulated portfolio manager with an array of institutional capabilities.

Artificial Intelligence: The Post-Pandemic US Equity Strategic Allocation

September 01, 2020

As investors make post-pandemic plans, the US equity opportunity appears attractive. Plotinus reasons that a reallocation of crisis-driven cash positions and the geopolitical setting will favor broad allocation to the asset class. In an affront to convention, the white paper points out that US equities may act as a hedge against cash, not the other way around, as well as protection against the cost of lost opportunity. The firm offers added perspective on the role of artificial intelligence in exploiting stock-market positions.

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Redefining the Wall Street Cogito

March 10, 2020

Artificial intelligence has opened up the financial world to new opportunities. While an early focus has been on the role that AI plays in creating back-office efficiencies, we confidently explore the impact on asset management. A common approach is one in which AI assists the investment process, but further innovation addresses the impact of AI on decision-based trading. We conclude by suggesting that the industry is likely to grow comfortable with a hybrid approach to adopting artificial intelligence, with humans still driving the creative process, despite rapid AI adoption.

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Managing the Return of Volatility: Using Artificial Intelligence to Protect Passive Investment

October 09, 2019

We examine how the shift favoring passive investment and the surge in artificial intelligence-based applications are crossing paths. These two factors are highly complementary in how they can be brought together to address investor concerns emerging in the post bull-market cycle.

In discussing artificial intelligence, we move away from a black-box mentality, framing both concept and practice. We believe that AI is just as understandable as any other investment approach, offering enhanced asset-management capabilities in a period of potentially greater volatility.

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