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Ampersand Portfolio Solutions was created on the premise that the greatest way to manage a portfolio is to add to it, challenging the idea that a portfolio has to be built based on “either/or” decisions. Many investment managers find themselves asking the same question when building a superior portfolio for their clients:

Which investments should I sell (or forgo) to maintain a meaningful exposure to alternative investments?

This challenging question inspired the formation of Ampersand Portfolio Solutions. Equinox Institutional Asset Management’s innovative and ground-breaking approach to asset management has received tremendous feedback and generated several thought-provoking conversations around one, simple thesis: We believe that you don’t have to choose – you can have both.

Ampersand Portfolio Solutions is a bespoke investment strategy offered through Equinox Institutional Management, LP (www.equinoxampersand.com).

Managed Futures and CTAs: A Smorgasbord

June 03, 2016

It is important to understand that not all futures-trading strategies fall under the managed futures umbrella as conventionally defined, and that even some well-known research and ratings agencies have on occasion ended up misclassifying some funds and strategies as managed futures.

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Allocating to “Liquid Alternatives” – The Importance of Correlation

April 29, 2016

The 60% / 40% allocation to stocks and bonds has long been viewed as a useful benchmark for diversification, albeit naïve, by many investors. In our latest insight, we apply historical data and explore the individual impact that nine CTA (managed futures program) allocations could have had on an investor’s portfolio (overall return, volatility, risk, drawdown, and correlation).

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Managed Futures During Equity “Crises”– An Update

April 01, 2016

The managed futures asset class has acquired a reputation among investors for providing what is known as "crisis alpha" – the ability to generate returns at a time of market crisis. This brief insight reviews the historical performance of equities and managed futures during times of crisis, including the most recent example, December 2015 – January 2016.

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