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When Active Beats Passive: A White Paper by Baird

February 27, 2018

While many U.S. investors have shifted their holdings from actively managed accounts to indexed vehicles in an effort to capitalize on recent equity market tailwinds, the relative performance of passive strategies over the past decade doesn't necessarily justify that decision. This white paper from Baird Equity Asset Management explains why.

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How to Navigate the Amazon Risk in the Consumer Space

December 06, 2017

There’s no questioning Amazon's impact on the consumer sector. The market continues to reward the company for its ambition, demonstrated success in taking market share, disruption of traditional business models, and expansion into new verticals and channels. However, this doesn't mean other opportunities don't exist in the consumer space.

In this recent white paper, Baird Equity Asset Management explores what some have dubbed "The Amazon Effect" in the changing consumer sector. Read on for timely insight on the risks and opportunities in today’s markets.

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