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Advisor Case Study: Finding The Right Custodian

March 03, 2022 | Schwab Advisor Services

Tyler Boon had been running a successful independent firm since 2018. So why did he decide to make a big change in the middle of the pandemic? It started with the realization that he needed a more tech-forward partner – one that shares his passion for putting clients first – to give his clients the highest level of support in this new environment. He took a bold leap, and now his clients and team are benefitting from Schwab’s digital tools and expert guidance.

Could making a change bring new opportunities to you and your clients? There has never been a better time to find out. At Schwab Advisor Services, we’re dedicated to helping advisors like you build your business your way.

Get Tyler’s tips for assessing a custodian’s culture and offerings, including:

  • How to recognize forks in the road, and what to do when you come to one
  • How to make the switch, even in turbulent times
  • How self-serve tech provides unexpected benefits
  • How to leverage the expertise of your custodian

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