Stocks and Bonds Too Risky? Explore the Third Alternative: ASYMmetric Returns

Wednesday, November 3, 2021

2:00 PM EDT | 11:00 AM PDT

60 minutes

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With the equity market trading near record highs and bond yields near historic lows, explore how we think a third alternative – ASYMmetric returns – may be able to help de-risk your portfolios.

In this upcoming webcast, ASYMmetric ETFs will outline a quantitative investment strategy that seeks to produce ASYMmetric returns – which we define as the ability to make money in bear markets, while capturing the majority of bull market gains. Join ASYMmetric ETFs CEO Darren Schuringa for an in-depth discussion on navigating today's volatile markets and addressing the challenges of portfolio construction.

In this webinar, you will get a better understanding of:

•          The risks investors face in today's equity and bond markets

•          PriceVol™ a more granular measure of market volatility

•          A rules-based index strategy engineered to generate ASYMmetric returns

ASYMmetric ETFs and the ASYMmetric S&P 500 ETF (ASPY) were selected as finalists for Newcomer ETF Firm of the Year and Newcomer Alternative ETF of the Year by Fund Intelligence Mutual Fund Industry and ETF Awards 2021.



Important Risk Information

There is no guarantee the protection sought by the fund will be achieved.

All investing involves risk, including possible loss of principal. The performance of the Fund will depend on the difference in the rates of return between its long positions and short positions. During a rising market, when most equity securities and long-only equity ETFs are increasing in value, the Fund’s short positions will likely cause the Fund to underperform the overall U.S. equity market. When the Fund shorts securities, including securities of another investment company, it borrows shares of that security or investment company, which it then sells. There is no guarantee the Fund will be able to borrow the shares it seeks to short in order to achieve its investment objective. The Fund’s investments are designed to respond to volatility based on a proprietary model developed by the Index Provider which may not be able to accurately predict the future volatility of the S&P 500® Index. If the S&P 500® Index is rapidly rising during periods when the Index Provider’s volatility model has predicted significant volatility, the Fund may be underexposed to the S&P 500® Index due to its short position and the Fund would not be expected to gain the full benefit of the rise in the S&P 500® Index. Additionally, in periods of rapidly changing volatility, the Fund may not be appropriately hedged or may not respond as expected to current volatility. The Fund is not actively managed and the Adviser would not sell a security due to current or projected underperformance of a security, industry or sector, unless that security is removed from the Index.

Before investing, carefully consider the fund’s investment objectives, risks, charges and expenses. This and other information are in the prospectus and a summary prospectus, copies of which may be obtained Read the prospectus carefully before investing.

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Darren R. Schuringa, CFA Headshot

Darren R. Schuringa, CFA
ASYMmetric ETFs

Darren successfully founded, grew and sold two ETF businesses: Yorkville ETF Advisors and Exchange Traded Concepts. His pioneering work in rule-based risk management led to one of the largest hedge fund seeds of 2015. ASYMmetric ETFs combines his background in hedge funds and ETFs to create his latest and most exciting ETF venture.

Robert Huebscher Headshot

Robert Huebscher
CEO and Founder
Advisor Perspectives

Robert Huebscher is the founder and CEO of Advisor Perspectives and serves as its editor-in-chief. He is a frequent speaker at industry conferences and has written extensively on topics including investment management, portfolio construction, financial planning and global economics.

Scott Krase Headshot

Scott Krase
Wealth Manager
Connor & Gallagher OneSource (CGO)

He utilizes a holistic approach to investment management and retirement planning. This allows him to eliminate potential conflicts of interest that may arise when a firm or advisor is owned by a parent company or who offers proprietary, product-based investment solutions. Scott provides objective, unbiased financial guidance based strictly on the needs, values, objectives, and goals of each client.

His blog at has been featured on, Yahoo Finance, CNBC,,, and more. He hopes to bring a little Common Sense to a Complicated Financial Landscape.

In addition to his work with Connor & Gallagher, he is a public speaker and financial educator for various corporations and conferences. Scott gives back to the community by acting as a mentor and coach for the Entrepreneur Program, IncubatorEdu.Org