We are On the Brink of a Global Downturn

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About This Episode

Since 1992 the Belkin Report has been helping portfolio managers outperform their benchmark indices, and allowing hedge funds to harvest absolute gains. The BR combines a weekly x-ray of market sector performance with forecasts for each one. Its proprietary forecast model focuses on sectors, groups, and individual stocks, with a particularly strong emphasis on sector rotation. The report also features a macro view on global market developments, with a critical eye on central bank credit operations. The BR’s track record of accurate calls has earned it the attention and loyalty of major investment houses around the world.

About Our Guest

Michael Belkin is an independent financial market strategist with deep roots in the investing world. He was vice-president and quantitative strategist in equity proprietary trading at Salomon Brothers from 1986 through 1991. In 1989 he secured his reputation in the industry by accurately forecasting the collapse of the Nikkei Average—which subsequently dropped 37%. He predicted the top in the U.S. tech bubble in 2000, the subsequent stock market low in 2002, the housing bubble top in 2007, and the post-collapse low in 2009, the covid crash top in early 2020 and the post-covid crash low in March 2020. Besides producing the Belkin Report every week, Michael is in demand as a speaker and a commentator on TV business news networks.

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Belkin Report subscription information contact: Marc Mishkin [email protected] (419) 554-7009. For subscriptions please go to BR2 Report use discount coupon SPACES to receive a 20% Discount off the Abbreviated Belkin Report. For Full report please contact Marc at previous listed telephone number or email.