The Key Risks Facing Bond Investors

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About the Episode

Recessionary fears have subsided and all signs are that the global economy has stabilized, albeit at a less-than-desired growth rate. But risks abound – tariffs on Chinese goods that could trigger a trade war, Brexit negotiations, rising oil prices and a possible Fed rate hike.

Show Notes

Here are some recent articles about the threat posed by the increased volume of BBB-rated bonds, a topic that was discussed in this podcast: Corporate Debt Markets: Crisis in the Making?, US Investment Grade Credit: A Buy or a Bubble? and Gundlach: Corporate Bonds Could Be a Repeat of the Sub-Prime Crisis.

Guests and firm: Mary Ellen Stanek, Managing Director and Chief Investment Officer of Baird Advisors, and Warren Pierson, also a managing director and Baird’s Deputy Chief Investment Officer.

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