The Back Half of the Hike Cycle

With the aggressive pace of rate hikes in 2022 and inflation slowly starting to come down, we are optimistic that we are in the later stages of the tightening cycle.


2023 Investment Outlook

In our 2023 outlook, we outline three key themes for the new year and highlight several implementation solutions investors can use to navigate potential challenges and grow client portfolios in the new year.


Defined Outcome ETFs™: More relevant today than ever before

As one year ends and another begins, we’ll look at how the Outcome-Based ETF industry evolved in 2022, how defined outcome ETFs distinguished themselves during the downturn, and what lies ahead for Outcome-Based ETFs in 2023 and why they’re more relevant today than ever before.


“What to Watch: A look at Bear Market Rallies”

Equities saw a strong rebound last month, with the S&P 500 gaining 8% and the Dow posting its biggest October ever¹. Was this the start of a new bull market? In this week’s “What to Watch”, we explore this question and dive into historical bear market rallies.


Pursuit of Reward in the Face of Risk

Join us for a discussion of the nature of the risks facing market participants today, and how investors can seek to both protect against market loss and be positioned to participate in market appreciation.


Recession Proof Your Portfolio and Capitalize on Opportunities

The Fed’s move towards more restrictive policy has rattled bonds and put equities on the brink of a bear market. But what is priced in and where do we go from here? In this month’s webinar, we discuss equity and fixed income valuations and examine how Innovator ETFs can help advisors hedge market risk and capitalize on opportunities.


Building a Wartime Portfolio with Buffer ETFs

Geopolitical risks, rising rates, and inflation are key risks facing clients today. Common hedges work until they don’t, and as of late, have not delivered the results clients are expecting.


Buffered Equities and the Risks Facing Retirees

During retirement, deciding how much to withdraw each year from investments can be complicated when both the length of retirement and returns on assets are not known. Unknown longevity presents a tradeoff in which a retiree can either spend generously and risk outliving savings — or spend conservatively and live a less enjoyable retirement. But it is possible to know an outcome before investing. Consider Buffer ETFs™ and other Defined outcome ETFs™ that use options strategies to shape a return


How to accelerate your equity gains in a 60/40 portfolio

Pre- and current retirees seeking moderate capital preservation often have to choose between accepting mediocre returns or lower volatility. What if there were a way to make the equity portion of one’s portfolio work harder? One solution: Accelerated ETFs™ seek to 2x or 3x gains up to a cap with a 1:1 downside exposure. Learn all about them from Graham Day, CFA and Joe Becker, FRM at Innovator, the creator of Accelerated ETFs™ and other Defined Outcome ETFs™.


Playing Defense: Seek to Protect your market gains with Buffer ETFs™

There’s a growing chorus on Wall Street that market risks are rising and a big correction may becoming. Learn how a Buffer ETF™ strategy can potentially help protect the gains in your clients’ portfolios while letting them stay invested in the market. In this 1-hour webinar, Innovator Capital Management’s Bruce Bond and Graham Day will discuss various investment strategies to help advisors navigate this uncertain market environment.


Scared of Bonds? Buffer ETFs as a Bond Fund Alternative

For the 10 years prior to the great financial crisis of 2008 (GFC), the 10-year Treasury bond’s average yield was 5.0%; for the 10 calendar years ended December 2020, it averaged just 2.3%, less than half its pre-crisis average (Source: Bloomberg).

In pursuit of higher yields, many investors are taking on more risk, either by going further out on the yield curve or further down the credit spectrum. In 2021, however, even the longer-dated and lower-quality segments of the bond market have failed to offer yields comparable to those of their shorter-dated, higher-quality counterparts prior to the GFC.

This dynamic has led investors to seek bond alternatives. One such alternative is a defined outcome investment with built-in buffers against losses.


An RIA’s Perspective on Preparing Client Portfolios For Lower Future Returns

Equity markets have continued to climb upward, but bond markets continue to trend downward. Clients relying on the stability of what bonds have historically offered are likely to be disappointed with expected future returns. We believe clients need investment solutions that allow them to capture the upside of the equity market while managing the risk and limiting the volatility in their portfolios. Innovator’s Defined Outcome lineup seeks to allow clients to reduce downside risk through a built-in buffer and also maintain the upside potential of SPY or QQQ, to a cap.


Increase Your Upside Potential with Innovator Accelerated ETFs

Innovator Accelerated ETFs are part of the Innovator Defined Outcome ETF family and are the world’s first ETFs that seek to provide a multiple of the upside return of the S&P 500, to a cap, with a single exposure on the downside, offered with quarterly or annual outcome periods. Join us as we present Accelerated ETFs and learn how clients can benefit from using them, particularly in the current market environment.

What you will learn for this webinar is:

  • What are Accelerated ETFs?
  • How can Accelerated ETFs potentially help clients meet specific target returns?
  • Where do Accelerated ETFs fit in a client’s portfolios?

Frontier Tech Investing with LOUP

The phrase “Frontier Technology” can mean a lot of different things to different people. LOUP Ventures, led by technology guru, Gene Munster, seeks to invest in companies within areas such as AR/VR, Autonomous Vehicles, Robotics, that are disrupting the technology space (often called the “up and comers” of their respective industries). Based on decades of experience and research, Gene and his team, through LOUP offers an alternative to the traditional, large-cap technology funds populated with typical FAANG stocks. Join us as we present LOUP, and discuss how the ETF seeks “Future FAANGS” and is an effective complement, or standalone, technology-focused ETF.


Election 2020 and Client Portfolios: Using Innovator Buffer ETFs to Hedge Election Risk

Description: Markets continue to face volatility due in part to the upcoming election and the uncertainty of a coronavirus vaccine. Clients need investment solutions that allow them to manage risk and limit volatility during these times. Innovator’s future-focused solution through its Defined Outcome lineup, allows clients to reduce downside risk through a built-in buffer, but also maintain the upside potential of the market. The goal is for clients to stay the course and focus on long-term financial goals.

Learn a potential solution enabling clients to reduce downside risk through a built-in buffer, but also maintain the upside potential of the market. The goal is for investors is exposed to focus on long-term financial goals, rather than short-term noise.