It’s Infrastructure’s Time to Shine. Here’s What Investors Should Know About the Asset Class.

As the U.S. CPI data continues to rise, Charles Hamieh, Portfolio Manager at ClearBridge Investments, dives into the opportunity present for investors looking at the infrastructure space as an inflation hedge moving forward.


SEC “Risk Alert” A Good Step Toward Improving ESG Standards

The recent focus of the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) on better quality, more comprehensive reporting on environmental, social and corporate governance (ESG) standards is a welcome development, particularly as investor interest in ESG products continues to grow rapidly.


Disruptive Companies Thriving in the Time of COVID

Although many companies in consumer-oriented industries continue to struggle, others have benefitted from society’s need to socially distance. Discussed here are five stocks that have successfully accelerated digital adoption through the pandemic along with three in hard-hit categories poised to thrive once coronavirus inoculations become widespread.


What’s Good for the Chinese Consumer Is Good for Investors

The so-called “Trade War” between the United States and China has US investors scrambling for a new answer, and it may just lie in China’s consumer-friendly, high-growth opportunity market. But is there enough upside to make the volatile risk more worthwhile?

White Paper

A Comeback for Value: Pessimism Paves the Way

Despite downbeat news about global growth and recent earnings, we believe the time to invest in value stocks has seldom been better. In our new white paper, we discuss how periods like this one, marked by fears of recession and lowered expectations, are part of the market's healing process and create a positive environment for a renaissance in value investing.