A Stagflationary Storm

This week, I spoke with Vincent Deluard, director of global macro at StoneX, an institutional financial services network. Remarkably, Vincent forecast the current inflationary shockwaves rattling the US and global markets in April 2020—before anybody realized the full impact COVID would have on the economy.

In this Global Macro Update, we discuss the trifecta of trends that caused the current inflationary environment… why an economic slowdown won’t cure inflation... the three sectors every investor should own today… and much more.

Inflation’s Impact on Your Portfolio

Inflation has wreaked havoc across the market this year. 10 of the 11 sectors are negative year-to-date. Even utilities, which are often thought of as an inflation hedge, are down more than 7%.

Meanwhile, the energy sector is up over 64% year-to-date.

Source: https://www.yardeni.com/pub/peacockperf.pdf

Vincent’s in-depth analysis of the stock market and economy has led to his “Holy Trinity” portfolio, as he calls it: three bullet-proof sectors you should own today.