NFIB Signals A Recession Is Coming…Again

NFIB signals a recession is coming…again. The reason I say “again” is because, in September 2019, we discussed these same signals stating:

“Today, we once again see many of the early warnings. If you have been paying attention to the trend of the economic data, and the yield curve, the warnings are becoming more pronounced.

In 2007, the market warned of a recession 14-months in advance of the recognition.

Today, you may not have as long as the economy is running at one-half the rate of growth.”

Of course, we now know the recession hit just 5-months later.

Today, we see many indications of economic risk, or as noted in “Economic Hurricane,” storm clouds are clearly on the horizon. To wit:

“The most recent CEO Confidence Index suggests that most leaders are concerned about the economy over the next few quarters.”

NFIB Signals, NFIB Signals A Recession Is Coming…Again

We also noted it wasn’t just the leaders of major corporations worrying about the state of the economy over the next few quarters. With inflation running above 8%, consumers are much less confident about their state of affairs.