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SIC and Mar-a-Lago

We found out this week that the first quarter was recessionary: GDP down 1.4% when the expectation was that the quarter would be up 1%. Rather large miss! Even so, the quarter-over-quarter comparisons were difficult so I believe the Fed will look past it and a 50-basis-point hike in May is still on.

Even if the US has a positive second quarter, the rest of the year is up to consumers. Europe will likely enter recession, which won’t help.

But what will help you is all the information that you will glean from the 18th annual Strategic Investment Conference starting Monday, May 2, at 10:00 am Eastern.

I hope you’ll join us in time to watch the livestream for the full SIC experience. Click here to get your Virtual Pass now.

This year’s faculty is even bigger and better than in the previous years, and that is saying something. I am rather proud of the group we have assembled. We’ve had the good fortune to book Dr. Henry Kissinger... David Rubenstein... Howard Marks... Joe Lonsdale... and other top names in policy, business, and finance.

We also have all our audience favorites back: Louis Gave and his father, Charles Gave... geopolitical wiz George Friedman... Felix Zulauf, one of the most visionary macro minds I’ve met... David Rosenberg, who as usual will kick off the SIC... Mark Yusko... Lacy Hunt... and Bill White.

On top of that, we have crypto and blockchain expert Dan Tapiero, founder and managing partner of 10T Holdings... Liz Ann Sonders, managing director and chief investment strategist at Charles Schwab... Dan Pickering, founder and CIO of Pickering Energy Partners, our go-to man for all things energy... and so many more, I can’t list them all.

(For a full list of speakers, click here.)

And as you know, we’ll have important things to talk about. If there was ever a year where we desperately needed input from the world’s top minds, this would be it.

Do yourself a favor and don’t miss it. You can watch and listen on all your devices—while commuting or working out if you wish. Or you can read the transcripts.

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I have been neck-deep in planning for this conference, and honestly just haven’t had the time to do the research for a solid Thoughts from the Frontline. But my good friend Ben Hunt of Epsilon Theory, who will have his own session at the conference, has written what I think is one of his most powerful letters ever. He’s basically saying the Fed just isn’t going to make it. I wish I had written it. He is such a wordsmith. With that, let’s turn it over to Ben.