New Year “Investor” Resolutions For 2022

Here are my New Year “investor” resolutions for 2022. Like all resolutions made at the beginning of a new year, they can be hard to adhere to.

Early in my career, I built health and fitness facilities. But have you ever wondered why you couldn’t just go into a gym and pay a fee to use it? It’s because the entire fitness industry gets built around a simple premise – you will sign up for a membership and never use it. So, every month, the membership fee continues to hit your credit card. Yet, you don’t cancel the membership because you feel guilty about not starting your diet and workout program.

But you promise yourself you will start tomorrow.

Fitness facilities can continually oversell their gym capacity because of the many members that sign up but never show up. Just like going to the gym, resolutions to eat better, sleep more, work out, etc., all sound great. However, while we know we should do them, we simply don’t.

Such is why America is the most obese country on the planet.

Why am I telling you this? Because investor resolutions are just as hard to follow.