Strategic Investment Potpourri

Build to Rent
Room to Breathe
A Rare Asset
Narrative Water
Labor Scarcity
New York, DC, and Maine

If it seems I have been talking about the Strategic Investment Conference for weeks… well, you’re right. It really was that much to unpack, and I’ve still only scratched the surface. I will wrap up next week.

First, however, I want to make sure you get a few other important points. I’ve been organizing the SIC letters by subject: China, inflation, deflation, technology, and politics/geopolitics. In general, that is how I organize all my letters, typically around one topic. But throughout the SIC, speakers made important points that don’t neatly fit into a broader theme. I’ll cover some (not all) in this letter. We’ll jump around a bit as the sections don’t necessarily connect to each other. They are in no particular order, but all important.

Let me also apologize to the SIC speakers whom I haven’t featured. It was all wonderful and I can’t possibly cover everything. If you like what I’ve been sharing, you need to join us next year, for what most believe was the single best economic conference ever. How we will improve the experience next year, I’m not sure. But for 19 years we’ve made each event better than the last.

Now, let’s jump in.