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We’re midway through the SIC 2021, and as I expected, it’s shaping up to be the biggest and best Strategic Investment Conference I’ve ever hosted. So far, all of our presenters and panelists have given stellar performances... and attendees seem to agree with that assessment.

Even if you haven’t been there for the live “New Cold War with China” panel, venture capitalist (and Midas List) Joe Lonsdale’s presentation, or the memorable Habib/Zelman real estate analysis, the only way you can truly miss out is by not buying an SIC 2021 Pass.

Candidly, the China panel was worth the price of admission for your humble analyst. I was aware that the People’s Bank of China was exploring issuing its own cryptocurrency, but I had no idea of the consequences of that move. They start out with a billion users, then add the Belt and Road countries, offer the ease of a no-transaction-fee, frictionless digital currency (which can convert to their local currency at the touch of a button) and they are well on their way to becoming a global currency. I don’t usually watch a video twice, but this is one I will watch at least once more, and read the transcript three or four times. It will take me weeks to unpack the implications. What I heard from Emily de La Bruyère was simply a revelation. Packaged with Louis Gave, George Friedman and Mark Yusko it completely transformed my view of global currencies and US-China competition.

The entire conference will be available on video, audio, and transcript for you to enjoy at your leisure. And if you hurry and get your Pass now, you can still catch some great panels and presentations live, including:

  • Macro geniuses Felix Zulauf and Grant Williams chatting first thing Monday morning
  • Ian Bremmer taking us around his geopolitical world
  • Our “Investing Masterclass” with Byron Wien, Jerry Jordan, and Doug Kass on Wednesday
  • ARK Invest CEO Cathie Wood’s speech about disruptive technologies on Wednesday
  • Howard Marks and yours truly on Friday
  • Our Final Panel on Friday

…and so much more. We’ll also have an extra day on May 18 devoted exclusively to actionable investment recommendations.

My friend David Bahnsen (see below) wrote this in his letter today:

Day one of the Mauldin Strategic Investment Conference is complete and I think I learned more from a few of the presentations I [virtually] attended than I have learned on some of these topics in a year. Absolutely invigorating stuff on China, trade, US housing trends, and so much more… I can only say that the other speakers and presentations are among the best I’ve ever come across in these types of events, and I will likely do a Dividend Cafe wrap-up when the event concludes at the end of next week.

You owe it to yourself to get your SIC 2021 Pass today. You can still claim your 50% discount until May 31.