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"History repeats itself, that's one of the things that's wrong with history.”

—Clarence Darrow (1857-1938), American lawyer

The end of 2020 has me looking back. I started writing the letters that later became Thoughts from the Frontline back in the late 1990s. Similar to COVID-19 today, we had a giant macro issue then, too: Y2K. It’s hard to believe now how frightened some people were. But as I expected, the big day came and the world didn’t end.

Another similarity is the stock market was rising like a rocket. This newfangled “Internet” thing had people super-excited, and rightly so. It was a world-changing paradigm shift. Unfortunately, some of the stocks born in that incredible boom weren’t world-changing paradigms at all. The market party ended, just as this one will, but went on far longer than almost anyone (including me) expected.

Had you bought the Nasdaq at the March 2000 peak, and held on, you would have got back to breakeven about 15 years later. And now, 20+ years later, your annualized return for those two decades would be around 4%. That’s not terrible. You beat CPI inflation by a couple of points. But people back then expected far more—15% annualized returns were thought to be easy.

The moral of the story is simple: Starting valuation matters. In the example above, waiting a couple of years to start lower would have drastically changed the outcome. But again, almost no one thought that at the time.

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