Are We Going To New Highs?

Are We Going To New Highs?

I recently received the following email:

“Are we going to hit new highs you think, or is this a setup for the real correction?”

The answer is “yes” to both parts.

Thank you for reading. See you next week.

You still here?

Fine, let me explain then.

The “price” of the financial markets are ultimately driven by one thing and one thing only: “expectations.”

Yes, fundamentals, valuations, interest rates, etc. all play an important role, but it is ultimately “expectations” of “the herd” which moves prices. Currently, valuations on stocks are at the second highest level on record, but “expectations” are that a continued “low interest rate environment” can support economic growth allowing stocks to “grow” into their valuations.

This is why Wall Street begin using “forward operating earnings,” which are complete nonsense, to justify high valuations and, you guessed it, “expectations.” (Operating earnings are essentially “made up” earnings without any of the “bad stuff” included.)

For more on this valuation read a recent article we wrote on the topic titled Price to Forecasted Hope.