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Rare Opportunity To Earn Monthly Dividend Income At A Reasonable Price

Realty Income, A.K.A. the Monthly Dividend Company, has rarely been attractively valued since the spring of 2010. However, rising interest rates have brought the price down to fair value.

Fed Weighs Stubborn Inflation Against Banking System Stress

Slower credit growth may curtail broader U.S. economic growth, taking pressure off the Federal Reserve.

Recession Odds Rising

Recently I saw someone share a clip from their weather app. It said, “Rain expected at 3 pm,” right above a little graphic showing a 30% chance of rain at 3 pm. What’s wrong with that picture?

Is This The End Of The Petrodollar?

The U.S. dollar remains the world’s top reserve currency for now, though its share of global central banks’ official holdings has slipped in the past 20 years. By contrast, the yuan’s share of official holdings has more than doubled since 2016.

Fed Hikes Rates as Bank Worries Spread Globally

As interest rates show signs of peaking, gold prices are nearing new all-time highs.

Sinology: Opportunity and Risk

China’s economy is in the early stages of a gradual, consumer-led recovery. In this issue of Sinology, Andy Rothman outlines why China’s opportunities outweigh risks.

How Is the SVB and Credit Suisse Crisis Affecting the US and European Banking Industry?

Following recent efforts by central banks and regulators to alleviate the banking crisis, Franklin Templeton Institute’s Stephen Dover and Lukasz Kalwak discuss their thoughts on the implications and outlook for the banking industries in the United States and Europe.

Growth in Real Money Supply is What is Important for Taming Inflation, and for the Fed

Chief Economist Eugenio J. Alemán discusses current economic conditions.

Echoes Of '08? Don't Bank On It

The GMO Focused Equity team has evaluated banks in the context of our Quality Strategy for 20 years, using both quantitative and fundamental analysis to invest in high-quality banks with healthy financials and in our opinion responsible management practices.

With Banks in Focus, the Fed Signals (Cautious) Optimism

Yesterday, the Fed raised its benchmark interest rate 25 basis points to a 4.75%–5.0% range and signaled that one more hike is likely this cycle.

What are JGBs Trying to Tell Us?

Yields on 10-Year Japanese Government Bonds have fallen by about a third over the past two weeks, as shown in the chart below.

The Crucial Questions

To help understand the current market volatility arising from the collapse of banks in the United States and Europe, Head of Franklin Templeton Institute Stephen Dover provides his answers to three crucial questions.

Markets Again Under Pressure

Stocks fell and volatility rose this morning as banking sector worries persist.

Gold Bulls Look to Push through $2,000

Gold prices surged to test the $2,000/oz level early this week before retreating ahead of the Federal Reserve's interest rate decision.

Market Focus Moves from the Fed to Financial Crisis

Yesterday, the Fed completed its regular meeting and announced that it would increase interest rates by 25 bps, or a quarter percentage point.