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Stocks Dipping to Begin the Day, Ahead of Tomorrow's Jobs Report

U.S. stocks are trading modestly lower in pre-market action with the markets awaiting tomorrow's key September nonfarm payroll report.

Equity Income: The Dividend Defense Against Inflation

Many investors are searching for assets that can help protect portfolios from inflation.

Growth Investing Ain’t About the Rates

Rising rates hurt investors; claims on profits in the future are simply worth less if you discount them at a higher rate.

How Much Can You Lose with Bonds?

Bonds are typically considered safe investments. However, there were decades of negative real returns. Drawdowns reached 50% for U.S. Treasuries and Bonds.

Today's Options Market Update

Stocks extend yesterday’s gains as rates continue to ease.

What’s the Fed’s Game Plan for the Months Ahead?

As billions of fans eagerly await the 2022 World Cup, CIO Larry Adam draws parallels between the globe’s most popular sport and the current investing environment.

Still Standing: The Dollar As a Hedge

The list of assets that have risen year-to-date is both short and odd: energy, broad commodity indexes and the dollar.

The Real Reason Why The Stock Market Is Falling: 6 Examples

After enjoying a long-running bull stock market, the recent drop in stock prices is causing investor angst.

Is There a Common Denominator Between Australia & the US?

Last night, the Reserve Bank of Australia stopped short of another 50bps hike to its overnight cash rate.

Equity Outlook: Charting a Course Beyond Uncertainty

Equity market volatility persisted in the third quarter as investors came to terms with a new reality of high inflation and rising interest rates.

US Retirement Legislation And Regulation Bulletin: Third Quarter 2022

On August 16th, President Joe Biden signed the Inflation Reduction Act into law, ending months of uncertainty over whether congressional Democrats would ever reach agreement on a compromise budget reconciliation bill.

Prevailing Under Pressure

This is a critical time for investors and policymakers alike.

First World Problems

The investors of Smead Capital Management have been hearing us talk about ‘First World Problems’ recently.

Returning from Orbit, Part 4

Now that we are seeing much of this come to fruition, it is now time to turn the page to the next chapter.

Mint Shortages Further Pressure Supply Amid High Demand

In August, demand for bullion had slacked a bit from the frenetic pace set over the past two years.