You Are Asking the Wrong Question About ChatGPT

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The question you are asking about AI (“Will AI replace me?”) is wrong. The right one is: “How can I harness AI to provide more comprehensive services at a lower cost?”

One of the most challenging aspects of writing articles is finding a subject of interest to your readers. This week, I turned to Chat GPT for assistance.

In response to a request for topics discussing why investment advisors should have a basic understanding of neuroscience and psychology, ChatGPT gave me the following suggestions:

    1. The impact of behavioral biases on investment decisions and how to avoid them.
    2. The importance of emotional intelligence in client interactions and how to develop it.
    3. How to use principles of neuroeconomics to understand better the decisions clients make with their money.
    4. The impact of stress on investment decisions and how to manage it effectively.
    5. Understanding the psychology of risk tolerance and how it impacts investment strategies.
    6. Techniques for effectively communicating complex financial concepts to clients using principles of cognitive psychology.
    7. The role of social influence and group dynamics in investment decisions.
    8. The impact of decision fatigue on investment decisions and how to manage it.
    9. Strategies for helping clients overcome fear, uncertainty, and doubt during periods of market volatility.
    10. Techniques for building and maintaining trust with clients using principles of social psychology.

I picked #10 and then asked it to outline the article for me, which it did. I then requested a full draft, with subheadings, listing the sources at the end of the blog.

I rewrote what it produced. I ran the final copy through a website that checks to see if the text was AI-generated, and it passed with a finding of “[T]he classifier considers the text to be very unlikely AI-generated.” This is important because, for SEO purposes, Google penalizes AI-generated content.

Here are the six principles for building trust.