What Makes Your Advisory Business Marketable?

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As we begin 2023 and you think about how you want to market your financial advisory business, my number one tip is this: Stop asking yourself, “What marketing tactic will work?”

Start asking, “What makes my business marketable in the first place?”

Everyone always wants to know what marketing tactic will work best or what trend they should embrace along with other advisors. “Should we start making TikTok videos?” or “Would it be better to invest in a YouTube channel?”

While these questions are valid, they make the mistake of focusing on tactics instead of getting to the root of why some marketing works and others don’t. The best marketing strategies:

  • First, look at what consumers want.
  • Then, look at what the business offers that align with those wants.
  • Finally, build a campaign that highlights those areas that overlap – choosing the platforms and mediums only after answering the first two questions.

To apply this process to your own marketing, here are a few examples of this shift in action.