Seven Mindset Shifts to Grow Your Practice

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If someone asked you what kind of marketing you are doing to generate new clients, you’d probably say referrals, social media content, networking and/or finding centers of influence, etc.That’s what most advisors do – conventional activities that are common in the profession.The first rule I learned over two decades ago was not to do what the majority are doing because ultimately that leads to commoditization.Here's how ”trusted authorities” differentiate their marketing….they sharpshoot to attract only their ideal client, instead of trying to be “everywhere,” hoping their ideal client will find them.Read that statement again slowly a couple of times, because there are deeper mindset shifts I’d like to share with you. This concept will be a game changer for the growth of your practice this year.Here are seven mindset shifts to stretch your thinking to generate only ideal clients this year:

  1. Recognize you are in a low-volume/high-margin business, not a high-volume/low-margin business. Everyone doesn’t need to know about you, only your ideal clients.
  2. Get more refined in your thinking about the niche/profession for your ideal client. I Is he or she a lawyer, doctor, business owner, professor, etc.
  3. Get clear on how many new, paying clients you want per month. Is it two, four or six….if it’s a small number, then you don’t need to any marketing that brings you opportunities above those numbers.
  4. Make sure you have nothing less than a 75% - 100% conversion rate. Most advisors are below 25%, which means you need to improve your sales conversations to build more trust.
  5. Create a “trust asset” targeted to your ideal client that matches exactly their issues, so they feel you are exactly the person they need..
  6. Become a “category-of-one” to your ideal client niche so they view you as the only choice.
  7. Build an inbound-sales system that you can scale up and down based on achieving your monthly targets.