You Missed Your Chance to Buy I Bonds at 9.62%. Now What?

The final day to get Series I savings bonds at a record 9.62% yield has come and gone.

Americans bought more than $3 billion worth of the low-risk, inflation-linked bonds last week. But not everyone was able to get their hands on one of the year’s hottest investments ahead of the Oct. 28 deadline for the higher rate.

Some struggled with glitches and delays on the government’s notoriously clunky TreasuryDirect website. Others may have procrastinated or simply forgot about the deadline.

Now, the rate for bonds issued between Nov. 1 and the end of April is expected to drop to 6.47%. It’s a letdown for those who missed the previous yield, but financial advisers say it shouldn’t dictate a major strategic shift in client portfolios.

“Investors need not fret,” said Elliot Pepper, financial planner and director of tax at Northbrook Financial in Baltimore.“Worry less about the past and look forward to what you can still do.”