How to Authentically Let Go of The Sale

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A funny thing can happen in the mind of a potential client during their initial consultation with you.

They have a problem and need your help to solve it, but somewhere along the way they think you’re taking them down a path to bring them on as a new client.

This subtle shift in how they feel about the direction of the conversation pulls them back from trusting you.

What shifts their thinking? How do you, as an advisor, prevent your sales process from being derailed by it?

You may have heard the old cliched sales advice, “don’t lose them while you have them, otherwise you’ll be stuck chasing them,” as taught by the traditional sales gurus.

This adage positions you as someone wanting or even needing your prospect’s business.

This flips their perception of you as an authority and makes them think, “This person, as helpful as they are, is trying to steer me towards being a paying client,” which creates doubt about your credibility and triggers the “sales game.”

When this happens, you get pulled into chasing, which ultimately leads to a long and unprofitable sales cycle and the feeling of being “strung along.”