What to Say When You are Asked: “Why Should I Choose You Over Another Advisor?”

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Ever had a prospect come right out and ask you, “Why should I choose you over another advisor?”

It’s an awkward question, because the last thing you want to do is defend or sell yourself against another advisor. It isn’t right to do that.

Our instinct when we feel challenged is to defend ourselves, our ego and our pride. How dare someone question your credibility and put you in a defensive position? It's not like they’ll be your first client. Moments like these are when you need to take a deep breath, let the breath out and reflect on your inner self. Rather than defend, defuse and re-engage. As with the martial arts, it’s the difference between fighting back using Karate, or defusing using Aikido. Here's the trust-based language to use when you get that challenge:

(Lower your voice) “I’m not necessarily sure you should choose me…we may not be the right fit if you don’t feel comfortable with our conversation…but here's what I’m thinking…if you’d be open to it, let’s explore your specific situation, your concerns and let’s see if we feel it makes sense to work together.”

When you have the right mindset and trust-based language, you will rebuild trust with a prospect without being drawn into a defensive position.