Education, Clean Energy, Housing Make the Cut in Biden Framework

President Joe Biden is attempting to rally fractious Democrats around a whittled-down economic package that his administration is promoting as a monumental achievement for social spending and climate programs.

The $1.75 trillion package, which the White House on Thursday called “historic,” is half the size of a budget outline passed by the House and Senate in September in response to demands by moderates to reduce the price tag. Programs such as paid family leave and tuition-free community college didn’t make the cut, but the White House spent Thursday morning touting what the package funds.

“It’s twice as big, in real dollars, as the New Deal was,” White House Chief of Staff Ron Klain tweeted as Biden traveled to Capitol Hill to sell Democrats on the package.

Here are some of the climate and social programs in Biden’s framework:

Early Childhood

Biden’s economic plan would spend $400 billion on early childhood programs, including limiting child care costs to no more than 7% of income for middle-class families, defined as up to 250% of state median income. Both parents must be working, seeking work, in training or taking care of a serious health issue to participate in the program, which is funded for six years.

The plan would also create universal pre-K for three- and four-year-olds, expanding access to more than 6 million children.