Social Media Doesn’t Work for Advisors

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With few exceptions, financial advisors don’t generate the leads they want with a social media strategy. They should use influencers and search channels to get more exposure to their target market and leads.

Whenever an RIA reaches out to my firm, we always ask what they hope to accomplish. One of the most common responses we get is, “We want to improve our social media presence.” What they are really saying is, “If we improve our social media, we’ll get more leads.”

In my experience and that of many marketers I know, this is just not the case.

Social media does not build leads for most financial advisory firms. Of course, rare exceptions exist, but those companies devote more time and effort than 99.9% of advisors ever will creating content, building an audience, and consistently engaging on social media.

The best use of social media is for nurturing existing relationships, but that also requires active engagement. If all you do is post content, then your posts become one more thing that people scroll past on their cellphones.

To get more exposure to your target market and, as a result, more leads, there are better channels than social media. Let’s look at two of them: influencers and search.


Building an audience, whether through social media, blogs, YouTube channels, podcasts, or email lists, takes time. While building an audience is valuable and worth pursuing, you should start connecting with that audience by leveraging influencers.