Las Vegas Non-Profits and the COVID Crisis

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“We make a living by what we get, but we make a life by what we give.”

- Sir Winston Churchill

Never have those words from long ago been more apropos of the devastation felt by many members of the Las Vegas community and the collective response by non-profit organizations and leading philanthropists to help overcome the fallout from the COVID health crisis.

Las Vegas and greater southern Nevada have been the epicenter of the stark financial fallout from the COVID crisis. Safety restrictions continue to wreak havoc on the valley’s primary financial engine, tourism, which is dependent on people gathering together. An unemployment rate of 3.9% in February skyrocketed to over 34% in April after fears associated with the COVID pandemic turned the Strip into a surreal ghost town of closed resorts. That rate has gradually improved, but the rebound has been as slow as any in the nation. The jobless rate sits at 12.6% through September.

Many of our clients’ families in Nevada who are charitably inclined are shocked at the repercussions of the pandemic. They are particularly concerned about the effects on the disadvantaged families in the area, who without proactive support are facing a crisis ranging from missing large blocks of school to going hungry. Working together with a number of these families and the non-profit organizations they support, we supported many of the charities that are addressing these issues.