Seven Ways to Use Live Streaming

Kristin Luke

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Live streaming is everywhere. Media outlets, businesses and bloggers are using this technology to authentically interact with their customers and fans in real time. Live streaming has been embraced by brand audiences. According to a Livestream and New York Magazine survey, 80% of respondents would rather watch live video than read a blog or article, and 82% prefer live video over social-media posts.

Since live streaming is an imperative of the future of marketing, business owners must learn more about it. I’ll outline the most popular live streaming options and key ways you can use them to better reach your current and prospective clients.

Types of live streaming

Most social-media platforms now have integrated live-streaming options. Below is a brief overview of the most popular offerings, which are all easy and straightforward to implement (click on the included links to learn more):

  • Facebook Live: Broadcast live video messages to your fans via your iOS or Android mobile device.
  • Twitter Live Video: Share video messages with your followers and receive comments via the Twitter smartphone app.
  • Instagram Stories: Offer videos or photo slideshows to your followers for 24 hours and then they disappear.
  • YouTube Live: Live stream in real-time on your YouTube channel and live chat with and instant analytics features. Note: iOS and Android availability is limited at present.

Using live streaming in your business

Now that live streaming has become so popular, you may be asking yourself how you can use it in your business. Here are my top seven recommendations:

  1. Create educational content.Use live streaming to educate your clients and prospects. This can be done through a "whiteboard" segment where you deconstruct a specific concept, or you can host an FAQ session answering the questions you hear most often. If education is already an important part of your marketing strategy, then live steaming is a natural extension. An added bonus is that viewers can interact with you to clarify concepts so they can deepen their learning and get more value from the experience.
  1. Stream events.If you are hosting an in-person workshop or client event, stream the event so those who cannot attend can still participate. This is especially worthwhile for those firms that serve clients throughout the country and in metropolitan areas where heavy traffic can dissuade someone from coming to your event.