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Musk Adds Twitter Mission While Taking Tesla's in New Direction

Elon Musk’s sudden U-turn from months spent trying to get out of his agreement to buy Twitter isn’t sitting well with Tesla investors.

Computer-Driven Hedge Funds Surge Ahead Amid Chaotic Markets

A $200 billion corner of the hedge funds industry dominated by computer-driven algorithms has been making the most of wild swings in global markets, putting many of those funds on course for a record year of gains.

Musk’s Twitter Will Reel From Culture Shock

Elon Musk is reviving his original $54.20 takeover bid for Twitter Inc., perhaps because he doesn’t want to go through a legal process that divulges more embarrassing text messages.

Dalio’s Shift on Cash is Reminder to Check Your Savings Accounts

Ray Dalio has changed his mind on cash.

Do You Know How Much a Kid Will Cost You?

Kids are expensive. Full stop. No matter your level of frugality, it's certainly costlier to have kids than to opt to be child-free.

Biden’s Fight Against Inflation Is Failing Homeowners

The causes of inflation can be hard to isolate, but in the US at least, one culprit is clear: President Joe Biden and congressional Democrats spent too much in the last two years, and even now refuse to take steps that would ease the problem.

What Would You Do If You Were Suddenly Debt-Free? Millions of Student Borrowers Will Find Out

As student borrowers get set to apply for federal loan forgiveness, some of them are also considering for the first time homeownership and other major milestones as they embark on new lives without the specter of debt hanging over them.

Shorting Is All the Rage for Retail Investors as Stocks Plunge

Retail investors, who helped push stocks to all-time highs, are now trying a different tactic: Betting against the market.

Fostering Innovation and Change

I’ll share some insights as you encourage your team to be more open-minded and innovative and to help with facilitating change efforts within your organization.

The Surprising Trait That Makes You a Better Parent and Advisor

I posted the job requirements on a popular website for experienced writers, listed my requirements and waited for the responses. You can learn a lot from my experience.

The CFP Board is Confusing and Misleading Consumers

The CFP Board has strayed from its mission of improving life for the consumer. Instead, it is generating as much confusion as possible for the furthering of its own interests. Make no mistake – transparency is not on its agenda. This is a massive disservice to the public.

An Introduction to Financial Assistance and Special Needs Planning

The search for information and direction about financial assistance and special-needs planning can be especially frustrating for caregivers.

Wall Street Capitulation Calls Get Ever Harder as Stocks Bounce

After a furious spate of retail selling unseen since December 2018 and beaten-down risk appetite, all the ingredients were in place heading into the big stock rebound Monday.

Investment Trusts Are Trading at The Biggest Discounts In More Than a Decade

This year's brutal market has investors across asset classes and international markets running for the exits. But where there’s panic and wreckage, there’s also arbitrage and opportunity.

Use the Market to Combat Climate Change — and Hurricanes

Florida’s response to Hurricane Ian illustrates how governments are making it harder to adjust to climate change by subsidizing the insurance market.