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Woody Brock: Fair and Free Markets are the Solution to Political Gridlock

In this interview, noted economist Woody Brock discusses what exactly causes gridlock, and how can its grip be broken.

The Fiduciary is the "Decider"

The importance of Biden’s veto to save the DOL rule was not about assessing ESG factors. It was about affirming the role of the fiduciary in investment advice.

Phase Two of the Fed Follies

Lower interest rates and more liquidity are the keys to boosting confidence in the financial sector, but they impede the Fed's ability to fight inflation.

Fed Hikes Quarter Point, Signals It Still Expects Higher Rates

The Federal Reserve raised interest rates by a quarter percentage point and signaled it’s not finished hiking, despite the risk of exacerbating a bank crisis that’s roiled global markets.

Four Tools to Improve Your Site's Search Visibility

I’ll explore four tools and strategies you can leverage to improve how your site ranks in search engines to reach your clients and prospects more effectively.

Is My Company Really That Bad?

I am drained having my colleagues and team members come to me with problems because of their frustration with my company.

Five Research-Based Reasons Why You Lose Prospects

There are five reasons why prospects decide to choose someone else.

Can Technology Make You Happy?

Do advisors need to accept that technology will forever be a drag, or can the right approach lead to personal happiness and a more productive practice?

Fed Caught Between Inflation and Bank Crisis

All eyes in the financial and economic world will be laser-focused Wednesday on the Federal Reserve as Chair Jerome Powell tries to balance his fight against inflation against a sudden banking crisis.

Morgan Stanley Turns ‘Outright Bullish’ on Asian Growth Stocks

Easing financial conditions globally have made Morgan Stanley “outright bullish” on growth stocks in Asia and emerging markets versus their value peers.

GLP-Backed Fund to Raise $100 Million for Asian Fintech Deals

A Singapore-based fintech investment firm is close to raising $100 million to back finance and blockchain startups in China and Southeast Asia.

Stocks Are Shrugging Off Bank Woes With Help From Hedge Funds

A question has arisen amid all the bank failures. How, with the bond market enduring its worst spasm of volatility in almost four decades, have benchmark-level stocks managed to glide along, oases of calm?

Biggest Fear for Trillion-Dollar Funds Is Missing Next Rally

Some of the world’s biggest investors are looking beyond interest-rate hikes, bank failures and the threat of recession to one of the greatest fears of all money managers — missing out on the next big rally.

US Studies Ways to Insure All Bank Deposits If Crisis Grows

US officials are studying ways they might temporarily expand Federal Deposit Insurance Corp. coverage to all deposits, a move sought by a coalition of banks arguing that it’s needed to head off a potential financial crisis.

Is Your Marketing a Revolving Door?

When I hear of advisors spending $80,000 on marketing and getting zero clients, as one advisor shared with me recently, I envision a revolving door.